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  • 18 kwietnia 2017

    Międzynarodowa Szkoła Letnia 3E+ na Politechnice Wrocławskiej organizowana jest w terminie 3-28 lipca 2017 r.

    3E+ Summer School at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

    3rd – 28th July

    stands for Energy, Environment and Electronics. But it also stands for Extra Experience, Expanded Education and Effective Evolvement.

    This summer we organize the 5th edition of the 3E+ International Summer School at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology – one of the top technical universities in Poland.

    3E+ offers 60 hours of interactive, small-scale courses (max. 10 students) for Bachelor, Master and PhD students. They are designed to provide an intensive, in-depth look at your topic of study. This year we propose 8 courses to choose from:

    1.      Acceptance and operating tests of electrical installations and devices, Faculty of Electrical Engineering;

    2.      Combustion technology for the power industry, Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering;

    3.      Power Quality, Faculty of Electrical Engineering;

    4.      Programmable Logic Controllers PLC, Faculty of Electrical Engineering;

    5.      Python "Hello World" to Django Website for Internet of Things application, Faculty of Electronics;

    6.      Quality control and technical evaluation of building and civil engineering structures, Faculty of Civil Engineering;

    7.      Solar energy systems, Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering;

    8.      Thermal comfort and renewable energy for low energy buildings, Faculty of Environmental Engineering.

    Students will be working in small international groups under the supervision of qualified teaching staff and at the end of each week, will present results of their work to other groups.

    3E+ also offers Polish language and culture course. ‘After hours’, almost every afternoon and evening, we deliver a wide range of activities from City sightseeing tours, sports activities to all day trips outside the City of Wroclaw.

    Application deadline is 30th April.

    Fee: 740 Euro (included: tuition, accommodation, lunches in students’ canteen, welcome and farewell dinner, trips, cultural events, social and sport activities).

    For application or any additional questions please contact us at

    More information at

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